PPC Services

In this digital marketing era where getting ahead of your competitors online is difficult, PPC or Pay Per Click services helps in bringing your customers to you. Although it may sound a tad bit technical, but with right mix of expertise and performance marketing PPC helps your business with the purchase of required advertisements that are displayed on the search engines. With this we help you by stepping ahead in creation of suitable keywords for your business that allows the visitors conducting searches to view the ads displayed and click on them.

We purchase advertisement spaces for you as per your budget, PPC investment and business needs. These would be displayed in the search bar results on the side bars. This way potential visitors/ clients are able to view them first hand. We ensure that all this is done strategically that would not go beyond your said budget and serve your business need.

How our PPC management works?

Search advertising

    • We bring additional traffic to your website
    • Set up ads for you that includes keywords
    • We ensure the maximum clicks paid for are included in the PPC

Display advertising

    • Through this customised service we ensure the ad important to you is displayed on top sites
    • We ensure that the ads we put up will be displayed at the best position for maximum eyeballs

Remarketing and retargeting

Our team of experts keep a track of and analyse visitor behaviour that helps retarget your audience. We apply the strategy of display advertisement that helps retargeting potential clients. It helps in conversion and sales for your company. Additionally, we enhance your web traffic along with increasing views.

Product listing ads

Here we use the display type ads that targets potential clients who are specifically looking for your business. When they find it, they click to view it and it redirects them to your website.

How we help with google adwords ppc?

    • Conversion Tracking
    • Text Ad Optimization
    • Google Search and Display Networks
    • Optimising your landing page
    • Keyword Research and Performance analysis
    • Manual Bid Management with Google AdWords
    • Structuring and restructuring the account
    • Geo-Targeting
    • Campaign Level Reporting